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Girlfriend 'heatstroke' forever province

His and her get together for a year and a half. Then two kids arguing there another steal her from jumping into his arms.

Crayfish resolve conflicts by sex

The male crayfish make up a screen pseudocopulate to mitigate violence and clear division of power. Without this procedure, flood males will fight to the death.

Russian astronauts in space golfing

Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin who was preparing to enroll in the history of golf, with implementation plans tee shot from a location outside the International Space Station

Baby avoided looking face to face easy autistic

The 6-month-old child at looking at the person opposite and looked away when someone talked to her later grew up with autism often.

Short limbs favor climbing

Once inhabited by lizards appear new predators, the process of natural selection will perform its role in two phases. Initially, the advantage belongs to the longer legs. But then, lizards with short legs have a higher chance of survival.

Why do young people learn easier?

Scientists at Oxford University, England, found adult children study harder because their brains store information in a different way.

5 ways to beautify the walls along the stairs

Family photos, fun stickers or a large clock will make more vivid wall.

Can create clean water by tire damage

Rubber tire damage, which piled up at the bottom of the rivers and in the piles of garbage around the world, can be utilized to form the ideal water purification equipment, the US Environmental experts assert.

Cycling makes women lose sensitivity in the genital area

The women cycling regularly will risk reduced sensitivity in the genitals. However, the young girl, healthy will not be much impact on sexual function.

Crested hens to be beneficial for more sex

Hens with a brilliant overhead to the sex will get more from the beefy cock. Crests to also prove they spawn bigger.

'Great extinction' ever happened on Earth

Approximately 95% and 70% of marine animals land animals disappeared from Earth ever a disaster in about 250 million years ago, the US and Australian scientists said.

The leading causes of erectile dysfunction

Anger, too cup, weight gain, lack of confidence on the body ... can cause you can not handle the up - down by "small boy".

Mysterious pre-Incan city in Peru revealed

Scientists working in northern Peru have discovered a monumental tomb about 1,000 years old located in the famous city of Sican pre-Inca.

Stress in the workplace - the focal point of the disease

Massive workload every day with hectic schedules and long working time makes people become depleted and suffering from numerous diseases.

Young tennis players from more small bones

These kids have been playing tennis since small bones of more than 63% and reduce the risk of fractures later in life, a study has discovered.