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Forest fires reduced northern hemisphere temperatures

For years, climate experts say the wildfire will cause the greenhouse effect becomes worse, because they increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But a recent study has demonstrated the opposite.

Almost blind because of continuous night message for girlfriend

26-year-old boy who China had retinal detachment in the eye after a period of phone use constant message for his girlfriend in the dark each night.

Exposing unique artwork Roman times

The restorers Italy has launched a decorative works in marble with colorful than 1,600 years old that even the Romans have not been rewarded contemporary shows.

Successfully improved cooking and watering the asphalt car

Nguyen Hieu Trung, the owner mechanical Tien Dat Tan Phu Thanh commune, Chau Thanh A District, Hau Giang, has successfully improved cooking and watering the asphalt car first in the Mekong Delta.

Developmental milestones of children 6-9 years old and parenting tips

Age missed sized brought many changes in the lives of children. During this period, children can wear, easy to use hand-catcher, tying shoelaces. Children had higher self-reliance in the family.

Mobile phones cause brain more excited

Radiation of mobile phone waves can stimulate the activities of the movement control area on the cortex, the scientists confirmed Italy.

Cotton could become food

Since thousands of years, cotton has always been an important species for clothing and warm items for people covered. Now the scientists said cotton may also be a useful source of food.

What Women Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the 5th common type in women, and cause more deaths than all types of cancer in other reproductive organs.

Hollywood polluting the environment

Hollywood must be responsible for causing a special effects undesirable for Los Angeles sky: it is the air pollution.

Male chimpanzees prefer 'old girl'

Unlike humans, male chimpanzees have a special preference for the older girls. Between a group of "beauties", male chimpanzees oldest child chooses to mate.

View pornography cause brain shrinkage

For the first time the researchers found the link between viewing pornography with physical harm, especially the brain.

E. coli can be used to produce diesel

Escherichia coli bacteria can be genetically modified to produce a form of biodiesel fuel from plants. We help people to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while reducing the cost of fuel production. Scientists confirmed the same.

Reagents for rapid detection of pesticides in fruits and vegetables

Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Research HCMC has just succeeded to the test reagents, rapid detection of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. After about 60 minutes of trying, will appear in color. The lighter the color, the amount of pesticides in fruits and vegetables as much and vice versa.

The benefit of time away from each other

Temporarily apart for some time does not mean goodbye. This can help you realize your true love or just silence like the enemy.

High easier for men than girls

If you want to quickly be dating, let's take advantage of his height. British scientists found that tall men easily have more sexual partners.