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Sex games in the animal world

In romance, wildlife own way. From African lioness relations with many males before handing send eggs to a certain guy, male walrus to hang with a few children at a time. Animal world filled with those who change of heart.

Add a deny Einstein and Newton Vietnam

Not only Bui Minh Tri , but recently, a "pagan" Other research has also denied the physical works of Einstein and Newton. It was Le Van Cuong, 55, in Thuy Khue, Hanoi - a civil engineer retired.

Learning a language helps slow aging

Learning a second language can help slow brain aging, improve reading skills and intelligence, according to a new study in the UK.

Sleeping in the weekend as more tired

All week, you always see the lack of sleep for longer time for work, family, play, even staying up late to watch a movie. And sleeping in on weekends seems to be the only reasonable way to compensate. But if you have this habit, review.

Guess teachers personality through birth

20/11 upcoming days that you do not know what gave teachers gifts. Birthday know who taught you, you will guess the part of teachers personality and pick the suitable gift.

7 ways to be more family photos hanging

Instead of the simple image hanging type, you can create many memories from photos stored on the wall.

Britons complaining about your life 72 hours per year

Britons spend a total of more than 3 days each year to lament about your bad habits, such as keeping away the remote control for too long or wet towels on the bed.

Design bedroom for older people

Bedroom for middle-aged people can style or a modern classic and should use deep colors gently.

Just think of the money also makes people selfish

Just a thought about the money and turn a man becomes selfish, making them less willing to help others more and just like "operational independence".

Stress easily make men infertile

Recent research shows that stress impair semen quality and the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs.

The clouds have strange shapes

The astronauts on the International Space Station ISS has witness a spectacular sight: The noctilucent clouds, also known as nocturnal lighting cloudy, with a long thin shape beautiful blue hovering around earth's orbit.

Earth and threats from 'sky stone'

Earth many times each was the sky falling stones, causing severe consequences. In the future, this capability also recur like? How to protect a person before the incalculable dangers there?

5 things you should not give up girls just because people love

Whether you love him anywhere, do not ever give up careers and other important relationships around you:

Humans built 400 years ago nanotubes

According to a study published in the journal Nature, the blacksmith Damascus steel sword known carbon nanotubes manufactured more than 400 years ago.

How far more lasting love

You meet someone who can share with you the taste to enjoy the dishes, watching the films from the 80s and above all he is paying attention to you. Only one small problem: Two people live too far apart. Does this emotional relationship can go well?