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Shocked girlfriend broke up abruptly demanded

I know each other and she was 9 months. The boys love each other very much, suddenly one day she said wanted to split up.

Ball lightning - the mysterious visitor

In the rainy night of thunder, a shiny spherical object about the size of an orange or grapefruit flew through the window into the house, or flip through the field, lightning in seconds, destroying belongings and disappeared, leaving behind after a sound and smell strange. It was lightning.

Human hand emit light

According to recent studies, all parts of the hands of them emit the light, but glows more fingers. Findings reinforce previous research that most living things, including plants, emit light.

REASONS popular dating girls athletes

There are many different things to choose a girl you love sports. For example, they are very attractive, more confident and stronger libido also ...

Red meat increases the risk of breast cancer

The use of red meat daily can increase the risk of breast cancer in women, even if they have not yet entered menopause, a recent study by US scientists confirmed.

Mother's diet affects the human body

The mice used for nutritious diet while pregnant could they change color at least two consecutive generations, a recent study shows.

Nicer room with small changes

Only by changing the paint color, add an closet, you will make the indoor space becomes tidy.

Birds may be extinct due to the greenhouse effect

Warming of Earth's climate, if not controlled, can push 72% of bird species on the planet to the brink of extinction, the Conservation Fund World Wildlife

Natural preference and personality

"I love the brutal cold winds at the ball soup ... Expect sunny surf halcyon blinds ...", no coincidence that the author has described a hobby of "the girl in the garden bar" so. All natural interests reflect personality and your life there.

Recipes help you younger longer

Both honey and cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties so it is very good for your skin. Therefore please ensure that cucumber is an indispensable part of daily diet.

When she was allergic to sex

Some women were burning, swelling in the genital area every time intimacy with her husband. The main culprit is the semen, the researchers at the Department of Allergy Presbyterian Hospital in New York, said.

Biopower - energy in the human mystery

A Japanese farmer findings confirm the child drowned. He ran, but the region has the corpse up, scrabbling marry him, causing him to fall to his death. The scientists explain, not the devil that caused the bioelectric phenomena.

Why yawns are infectious?

If you yawn when they read this title would not be surprising. Just read or see images of yawning is enough to make you want to yawn all mouth and did not understand why. It is not due to your brain needs oxygen.

Choose according to factors?

Everyone knows that when buying a home, location is a very important factor. A new study in the UK showed the characteristics around the added value of the house looks like.

Earlier 'small boy' painful as wounds

Kids 23 years old this year. In grade 8 or 9, my foreskin is not torn out of the top notch so I used to tear out force.