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DNA - the detective

Colin Pitchfork - a toaster, 27 workers in the UK - occupies a special position in the annals of the police by these cells has been their main accused. This man raped and killed two schoolgirls. Crimes being detected through DNA tests.

Spiders and peppers also have in common

Visually, black tropical spider and red peppers have nothing similar. But exposure both with 2 species are causing a similar pain.

New Condoms help increase pleasure

New kinds of condoms include a polyurethane membrane with a U shape and a cap on the "small boy" allows achieving better sexual pleasure.

Curable blindness by implants

The US and British scientists have restored vision to blind mice by transplanting light-sensitive cells in the retina of them. Technical breakthrough could lead to new treatments for eye disease in humans.

Eyebrows express individuality

Each facial contours are more or less express who you are. Let us guess the personality of each person through the shape of each eyebrow.

4 common complications when they catch a cold

Common complications include ear infections, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Need to take her to a doctor immediately if any of these symptoms.

People have relatives with sea urchins

Scientists have deciphered the genome of the sea urchin and found the molluscs students do not spend, not the human brain resembles an amazingly.

Why do we cry?

Any mother does coax the child is crying at 3 am can tell you, tears are not always clear how to best convey the message. Indeed, expressing the pain is only part of the story.

Signs you lack vitamin D

You can get vitamin D deficiency for years without knowing it. That will cause serious consequences to health. Please read the following warning signs:

Two points allure of Eva

When asked: "What aspects of your body gives you confidence before him?", More than 2/3 of women answers focused on round one and round three. However, according to scientific research and surveys, answer the gentleman's totally different. For them, hips and waist is the key to make up the charm of Eva.

The human eye strange attraction

With humans, the eyes not only the open window to the outside world, but also inward, causing the world to reveal the soul with feelings and thoughts private.

Folliculitis in 'penis'

I am 28 years old, 3 years blisters appear in clusters of "little boy" very itchy. The hospital I was diagnosed dermatology folliculitis.

Smart young less trauma

Intelligence will help protect children from the shocking events spirit. A new study found the children smarter peers at age 6 will be less experienced traumatic events in the spirit of the age of 17, and if encountered, are also less stress disorder after trauma

Men are wasting money for car

Many car owners he splashed out for these devices in his car decorated but rarely use them.

Rose space travel

Mr. Nikolai Sevastianov, President Construction Company Energuia RKK Russian Space, has announced that the price for a flight into space has increased from 20 to 21 million due to the increase in prices of materials and assembly parts spacecraft .