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'The ocean will no longer fish after 2048'

A recent study showed that, all fish and saltwater aquatic animals will disappear from the ocean in the middle of this century, if the state of fishing and environmental pollution continue as at present .

Husband 'contaminate' wife counted after kidney transplant

A man 51 years old in England claimed he was infected with some personalities of his wife after receiving a kidney from her.

There should forgive betrayal girlfriend

After his girlfriend home to work, contact us less than, emotional as well not at first. She always said busy, no answer, and phone messages.

Dryer kill lice

Researchers in the US has announced a device like a hair dryer Lousebuster called lice can kill in less than 30 minutes.

Animals also found himself in painting

Legend has it that the emperor Republic of Macedonia are not satisfied with the image of the horse loves riding his paintings, he ordered the horse to lead to errors only for artists. Just saw his picture, I suddenly looked up horses and take whinny loudly ...

8 benefits of peppermint tea

Mint tea not only help uplift your spirits, relax muscles, but also has many other benefits such as reduced cough, bad breath treatment, weight loss and bright skin.

Women met 'red light' injury prone

Female athletes are capable injury in training higher when they entered the menstrual cycle, the Swedish scientists claimed.

Pigeons and baboons have extremely good memory

A study shows that pigeons can remember up to 1,000 photos. But that number is dwarfed by the ability of baboons, because they can be stored in the brain about 5,000 photographs in a few years.

Things women should learn from men

Women often think knowing more than men, but in fact there are many things they need to learn from men. Take a look below:

Use light bulbs lumpectomy

Israeli scientists say they could use light to focus from a super bright incandescent bulb to destroy the cancerous tissue. They hope the technique could replace surgical methods tumors with a laser.

Robot 'domestic workers'

Scientists at the Institute of Science and Technology Korea is building a robot that could take on household chores and health screening elderly.

10 signs that your marriage will be sustainable

Couple hug when you sleep, a healthy husband and thoughts are positive ... positive signal indicates a sustainable marriage.

Coming soon airliner arrow

The American and British scientists are developing a new type of passenger aircraft capable of fuel economy and generate less noise than traditional aircraft. The birth of it could create a turning point in aviation.

'Relatives' of the HIV pandemic in African monkeys

A virus that has kinship with HIV infection is widespread in African gorillas. The culprit could infect them as chimpanzees, French scientists announced.

Reading an ideal place in the big office

In companies specializing in online services, a library for books, newspapers carefully invested.