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Advantages when you grow up in families with multiple generations

In families with grandparents, uncles, brothers, you get the support of the entire membership and never feel abandoned.

The throat of the man to do?

In fact, both men and women are "Adam's apple" in the neck - bone cartilage vocal cords wrap around. As men mature, which protrude local cartilages better because they have larger vocal box.

Guess character by name

Write your name to find the corresponding number by looking up the number corresponding to each letter of the name in the following table. You'll know you are the type of people like.

Dolphins lived on land

Japanese researchers said last month had caught a crooked nose dolphins have a special enclosure where they are vestiges of hind legs. This proves that these sea mammals once lived on land travel.

Place nap for employees in foreign companies

Large companies like Google, Huffington Post ... conception, rest breaks will help employees work more efficiently.

Why do we blush?

When he entered the room, glanced at you one, you suddenly flushed cheeks up. You see his face glowing without knowing how. It's just a natural reaction that everyone has.

Child rearing cats and dogs instead

The lone woman in the UK tends to find joy from pets. A survey has revealed they have livestock to satisfy the yearning for motherhood.

Classic villa Saigon's giants

Homeowners want to restored and renovated ancient villa, but still retains the same items celebrating memories and history associated with home life.

Condoms quickly stripped off

A South African inventor claims to have made a new type of condom that helps solve the difficulty embarrassing every time the user to "raincoat". With new products, operation time less than 3 seconds.

The poor are more likely to die while living in rich places

Poor people living in areas of high living standards with greater risk of death than people of the same scene, but live in an area middle and low living standards.

Power transmission to the brain to improve memory

If you transmit electrical impulses to the brain weak intensity a person during sleep, the ability to remember the people that will rise when he awoke, the German scientists claim.

Husband and wife accused of violence premature ejaculation

Every time you have sex with his wife were caught in time in just over a minute that I had ejaculated.

Illustrated books help children learn better

The pictures in the book are not only entertaining but also help children by teaching them how to locate the world effectively. Babies absorb best when the most realistic image of the same.

Increasing the size of pants for men

An Australian company has produced apparel for men similar to Wonderbra bras for women - can increase the size of the content inside.

The man with nearly 20 kg tumor in the butt

Doctors Vietnam-Germany Hospital (Hanoi) has tumor removed 19 kilograms heavier on the butt a man 43 years in Son La.