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Why do people like to watch horror movies?

With the horrific scene macabre, horror movies and haunted houses are fascinating people. That's because they know that really there is no danger occurs.

The moment the child is born father waiting

Who held his head, sat dully outside the delivery room, who then hugged his chest, tugging at the hair or contented smile ... The pictures published in the Metro were taken at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (London, UK) as the husband and wife lay waiting.

Traffic lights change color according to the situation

A system of traffic lights to turn green automatically when multiple cars are queues will effectively help reduce traffic congestion.

Guess personality through brushing

When brushing your teeth, you will never do anything but handle cases of water, pull the other hand ... the violin, and use something eye sight. Describe what you see in the eyes delicate moment, you will understand more about their personality.

10 things her attention when lovemaking

The boys do not worry if they have "little boy" modest, by women notice the cleanliness, physique and toughness to do "sex" more.

Almost useless hair

How much costly because of the terms of the shampoo and hair conditioner, but things are not what works for some people. It protects and warms the body is negligible.

The efforts of man without Viagra

Men of all ages are having problems related to their sexual stuff and always ready to resort to any measure to be able to make it stand upright whenever necessary.

Parting 10 months still sore because lovelorn

Listening to him, I had left her child in pain. After a month, he demanded breakup.

Children read less easy to think about suicide

The teenager reading less risk to end his life and left school than children of the same age but reading proficient, US scientists warned.

Music makes the treatment of schizophrenia

The play instruments often can relieve depression, anxiety and other negative emotional expression in patients with schizophrenia, British scientists claim.

Signs you're making him irritated

There are some things she does because she thought her boyfriend would like, but in fact quite the opposite, they just make him mad.

Why do young people use condoms less?

The main elements of the culture, society and not indifference or scarcity of condoms made occasional youth use condoms when having sex.

Skinny models makes women eat more

Contrary to the thinking of the majority, while watching images of super skinny models, young women obsessed with body image often eat more, and more confident people eat fewer body image.

Anal abscess caused by bone fragments pigs

Traces of irritation, swelling near the anus, Vietnam Quan Duc Hospital (Hanoi) examination. Doctors discovered a pig bones in the patient's abscess.

Zebrafish heart can 'grow' back

As part of the zebrafish heart cut, cardiac stem cells in combination with a layer of cells on the surface of the wound to create the new model, replacing the lost part, the US scientists said .