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Save the lives of patients coagulopathy due to poisonous snake bites

A 9 year old girl in Vinh Long poisonous snake bites in the heel, the family moved to the Children's Hospital emergency Tho.

10 characters scariest ghost

They vanished, obsessive, do we dread. But the horror characters below certainly will not suddenly appear in front of you. They were buried in the medieval town, where the mysterious folk tales reigned in the first person.

Character names revealed

Look for the first letter in your name, we can reveal a lot about the personality. Wish you have moments of fun with the alphabetical sequence.

Budding love has been hampered family

I was 17, her boyfriend used to be a month. First 20 days of the bags they are very happy, caring about each other and do not exceed the limit.

Sun used to have a lot of sisters

The sun, the yellow star with the average size, not birth alone, but there are hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters.

Women nag lord

A new survey in Britain has confirmed what men believe, that women are always the first to grunt in the morning. The girl is not only more grumpy, but also in a state of irritability so.

Menstruating woman - bane of the ancient society

Women today regarded as a troublesome period less inevitable. But human attitudes about menstruation from hundreds of years ago is completely different. The girl that day was regarded as a dangerous creature, filthy, and forced isolation.

Weather forecast clock

You will not need to turn on the TV, radio or even surfing the web to see the weather today will look like. All that you need is a watch called the Weather Forecaster.

Bad habits harmful to eyes

The popular tech items such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops ... ruin your eyes health.

Why men earn more than women?

There is a truism that though social equality, women have been created conditions to learn and take care of business men but still successful and earn more money than women.

Fingerprint - biological identity

A criminal in the US each piece of leather cut on his finger and then grafted onto the other finger, thought will escape. But police have found him by cutting of fingerprints, photographs and try grafting pieces back together like puzzle game.

Body posture revealed many secrets

When arguing with her husband, not to point the finger at his face - showing blame and criticism.

Koala born by artificial insemination new

Scientists yesterday announced three koalas koala is reproductive technology thanks to a new artificial insemination: Mix sperm with a special solution to prolong shelf life.

Elephants also said mirror

When standing in front of a mirror big size, elephants recognize mirror image and start tattooing poke inside his mouth and ears.

As rich as the moon flower

Monogamous relationship still dominates mainstream worldwide, but the number of those relations with multiple partners at the same time is much higher in rich countries than the developing area.