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9 ways to decorate the house with discarded bottle

If painstakingly painted a little, you will have to set up home vase add beautiful door.

Raincoat glows to the beat of the rain

An American designer created the jacket found flashing lights when it rains. Shirt named Puddlejumper will be taken to the exhibition in France in the coming months.

Sex - regrets of old age

Most of the retirees in the UK are sorry that we did not do "sex" more since I was young. If it is turned back in time, 70% of people 65 years and said it would take more time for lovemaking.

What happens if you do not teach children to know about money

Many parents make the mistake of never talk about money with their children, in many cases due to their lack of knowledge.

Was first detected in Gia Lai Cham

Department of Culture and Information said Gia Lai have discovered a Cham tower at a height of 103 m, buried in the ground and trees at wholesale Ju, Krong Nang commune, Krong Pa district. This is the Cham towers were first discovered in this province.

4 body gestures good for the brain

Smile - whether pretended - to bring people feel relaxed and happier.

Why can not open eyes sneezing?

Sneezing is to protect our nostrils molecules from foreign invaders, by creating a repulsive force air from the lungs, which runs at 160 km / hour. But this reflection involves several other movements.

Timeline love

The human body is influenced by sex hormones. In 24 hours, this hormone makes us sometimes indifferent to everything, when the excitement and frenzy.

Errors made arrangements cluttered home

To house tidy, always posed a fixed location for all things so that you easily find and control everything as needed.

Vampires can not exist

An American researcher was based on several calculations to prove the existence of vampires is completely fabricated. This proves that these creatures haunt the people for so long is not real.

'Sex' in sleep

Researchers are headache learn about from a strange disease in which, although the patient did not desire, but still require or perform sexual acts while asleep.

Decoding the mysterious life of bees

Scientists have deciphered the honey bee genome, looking for clues about the behavior of our complex society. The result gave the bees to become the 2nd insects and mosquitoes Drosophila genome has been decoded.

Sore throat after needles roadside bicycle

I go out at night and on the curb near the toilet market. When detector flashlight down on the ground saw the needle in the next leg, do not know yet been stabbed.

Daughter and musical tastes

During the first appointment, let her listen to the radio or a CD given her. How to enjoy the music will be present at many of her personality.

Elephants who speak

A male Asian elephant has 16 years as a manager and many other subjects because it surprised people speak.