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Finding 3 ancient Egyptian tomb by thieves

Thanks to the grave theft names, Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the tomb of three dentists, protected by a curse and buried deep under the desert sands for thousands of years.

'Aliens visited Earth going'

According to the researchers confirmed the strange object (UFO) famous Jan Val Ellam Brazil, in 2007, the first time humanity will officially "met" mysterious creatures from distant galaxies dig.

The reason to use sesame oil

Sesame oil (sesame oil) are rich in essential nutrients for the body, helping to maintain the health of skin and hair, providing minerals.

Hot ring helps to remember anniversaries

Alaska Jewelry firm has developed a ring capable of heating up to 49 degrees Celsius, not for the purpose of burn you, but help you never forget important anniversaries around.

Fiddler discolored bark for self defense

The tiny fiddler green skin color change to avoid the birds of prey swallow. From the blue, we change to a darker color.

Correct understanding of collagen

Many people know collagen is good for the body but does not understand it. Collagen is proven to help improve the health of skin, hair and nails.

Sexual tactics used by animals

The final line up to wait for the rain clouds few other guys with his wife was unthinkable for men. But in the world of animals and especially insects, the latter with the one who has the ability to be a father highest.

Body balance - the key to success

You held out his hand and compare the little finger of both hands. If they are of equal length, the more likely you are the balance of form and often luck in finding a mate. If the difference of two little finger, you enjoy trouble finding your second half.

To avoid single by too picky

You set high standards in the choice of lovers. The standards that are too strict road obstructions you find an authentic half.

Purple tomatoes imminent

Researchers at Oregon State University, US, is completing a purple tomato - a new combination of colors and nutrients. The fruit will be dark as the eggplant shells, and more nutritious.

The strange thing about animals sleep

When migrating, Swainson thrush stay up all night and in the daytime. However, instead of prolonged sleep, they sleep a lot of times, each time only 9 seconds. Sometimes we just close one eye, the other eye and half a brain still works.

Dinosaurs were worms eaten

Once roamed the earth and the oceans 75 million years ago, dinosaurs still become prey of the guys at the "bottom of the scale" - the worms in the gut.

Recipes calcium supplement for each age

Bone development with maximum speed in the age 9-18. End stage massive growth in 18 years, up to 90% of adult bone is formed.

Mechanism fever in humans

The fever usually occurs when a virus or bacteria enters the body. Then the immune system will produce pyrogen chemicals, fool the brain that controls body temperature, making it feel like your body temperature are low.

Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women

Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women more, because eye color can help them learn to be faithful spouses have or not.