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Multi-wavelength lasers to help treat many diseases

Physics Institute of Biomedical has successfully produced laser multi-wavelength phototherapy. Compared with a single wavelength, this device than cure many diseases, such as skin diseases, muscle injury, chronic arthritis and chronic pain, injuries ...

Autumn leaves to red when stress

Scientists have known why some leaves become yellow and orange in the fall, but they are still not clear why the trees turn red. A new study shows that red leaves help plants reduce stress while preparing for the harsh winter.

These men lie like to hear from wife

"I love my mother", "this is the greatest love of children" ... are saying quite frankly not knowing, but still like to hear eyebrow whiskers.

Money painful loss for the body

Lose money worries are the same as the fear of physical pain. This helps to explain why people often have to make financial decisions adventurous, as the player stock, or anxiety disorders.

The demon in sandstorms - the most beautiful natural images 2006

A picture that took 9 years to obtain and almost deleted at the last minute had won the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year. It was a "demon in a sandstorm," the Swedish filmmaker Goran Ehlme.

World's Heaviest who died aged 48

Manuel Uribe, the man who held the title of world's heaviest living dead in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon state, Mexico on 26/5.

New technologies and payloads control traffic speed

Vietnam scientists has perfected a control system overload and the speed of the road transport. The system can manage up to 8 lanes.

Students homemade robot with grain

Em Tran Trong Canh, A3 grade 11 public high schools to sell Nguyen Extension, Van Yen District, Yen Bai has successfully built a robot that can touch 20 kg rice.

Slip a condom when 'love' can spread HIV

When relations, I accidentally slip a condom. Even when detected, then used how other children but does not ejaculate. Whether HIV transmission? (Yasaki Sac Nguyen)

Invisibility Cloaks about to become a reality

Scientists claim to have developed invisibility cloak, though not completely hide as Harry Potter, but also an important first step to pave the way for more complex designs.

Discard the moon for good weather?

Professor Abian (USA) said that the moon is the culprit of natural disasters and extreme weather. When it was destroyed, the climate will become milder, the desert will gradually become fertile lands. Scientists consider this a crazy idea and unjustified.

Rehabilitated prostitutes with HIV fear

I work as prostitutes for some time and now retired. Before, during practice I never once relations without using a condom.

'Love' in the animal world

Australian black swan is lovebirds famous men. When you want to have children, this two guys lovers find a comfortable, lived triangle and females give birth until they turned away, steal hatching eggs to order.

Bloodsucking insects vocational

Svetlana Pavlovna Nhikiforova seen sitting behind a desk Kharcov Epidemiological Station (Ukraine), many people think she is a researcher. In fact, she as "food" to feed the blood-sucking insects, ticks exactly.

These little things can make her jealous

Is going out with her, he received a message that her friend. Just he quickly replied that the message will be jealous of her.