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Ancient camel as big as elephant

These craftsmen of ancient hunters hunting the giant camel, elephant high as today, in the Syrian desert tens of thousands of years ago. Archaeologists are exploring this camel species come from and why they became extinct.

To giant insects will have more oxygen Earth if

Giant beetles will concave restless cattle on the ground or flying in the sky forward.Why if the Earth has many more oxygen.

90% of users much alcohol fatty liver

Fatty liver is the first stage of alcoholic liver cirrhosis. 10% of them from liver cancer after progression of cirrhosis. Currently there is no specific treatment for fatty liver.

Why do we tremble when cold?

Your body needs to maintain a constant temperature at 36.9 degrees C. To avoid hypothermia and other effects of the cold, your brain is always closely monitor body temperature.

The company closed cloned cat

Biotechnology company Genetic Savings & Clone in the US, which specializes in the sale of cloned pets, sent a letter to clients last month, announced that it will close later this year, as demand for cat people Version too low.

These habits make you unbelievably rapid aging

Many seemingly harmless habits like eating sugar addiction, little time for friends ... are quietly doing our aging every day.

People will have the doomsday?

Scientists have calculated the time of human life on the planet will end. It was October 31 years 2,252,006 - more than 2.25 million years.

Weather world makes history

The country has made the save by the weather, but the city also had to be destroyed because of this factor. Nagasaki (Japan) is an example: If the sky is not blue on the date 08.08.1945, the city has not suffered atomic bomb.

10 minutes relational data pregnant

Kids 25 years old this year. A few days ago in the once unrestrained emotions you've had sex with his girlfriend without any safeguards.

Why have two nostrils?

In addition to the beauty of the face or used for breathing, nose also helps you find love or make you more slender body. And that's just one of the wonders of the nose.

Homosexuality in the animal kingdom

The first exhibition in the world on the status of homosexuality in animals have shown that homosexuality in humans is not unnatural.

Idle time making cold lover

I know each other boyfriend 6 years. The first time he was beginning to love me. At that time I was young and playful, just anger made him lose confidence.

Lang Giang his role and practice of chemical robots

With the practice of chemical robot Jupiter, Nguyen Ngoc Cham, 12A2 high school students in grades 1 Lang Giang (Bac Giang) won first prize contest "Young Creative" for Teenager second nationwide 2006.

Future aircraft could undulations like a bird

The researchers are aiming purposes created a new generation of aircraft can change shape like a bird in flight. This helps to achieve the best performance of the flight.

How to prevent stroke

According to Prof. Dr. Pham Gia Khai - Chairman of Vietnam cardiology, preventing formation and dissolving blood clots is the restrictions stroke