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See Minister guess luck

Here are 8 good for general surface characteristics give you many good things, including personal happiness. You can look in the mirror or look at the picture to find out the strengths and his weaknesses.

If dogs and cats know the saying ...

We believe that the cat ate a fresh fish will make them ecstatic. But anyone knows that cats and other carnivores of all, they love meat. So if cats could talk, they would require certain employers to cook steaks, re a bit, the more delicious.

Office-inspired playground

On an area of ​​300 m2, the company Bikhir (Morocco) was brought to a comfortable work space, including a relaxing place, catering for employees.

The first cooking robot in China

A company in southern China has developed the first robot is equipped with a full kitchen skills to cook thousands of traditional dishes.

20 years from now people will not read?

What will happen if within the next century, it will not be readable when holding a book written from a few dozen years that way?

10 signs of low blood pressure

If your blood pressure is very low, the body will not get ample oxygen to perform its normal functions.

Hundreds of migratory birds rest each day sleeping

To compensate for the shortage of sleep during the long flight, every day the birds migrated hundreds nap times, each lasting only a few seconds.

Women often represent an area in 'days'

The sisters more elegantly dressed up to impress the opposite sex when they are in the most fertile phase. It is interesting that women do this unconsciously.

Luxury indoor space with container construction

The container is usually temporary shelter of the homeless, but you'll have to change my mind when I saw this house in France.

Smart dress bloom

A dress with flowers on the neckline movement, the sleeve makes a sound corresponding to body movement and a skirt bending their edges mood is high-tech products by Canadian researchers prepared a create.

Men prefer women with breast implants?

Modern men list not like women with bulging breasts pump. Instead enraptured before "judge breasts" filled with silicon, today revered man's natural beauty.

These fruits easy to gain weight

Some fruits such as banana, mango ... not support weight loss on the contrary increase the weight by a high sugar content.

Microbial world - the fun

Bacteria eat everything. Cyanobacteria type dishes "quiche" is water and then release oxygen into the air. This type of bacteria has the oldest fossils on Earth.

Fan Fashion

Equipment like a bracelet worn around the neck, which helps you get comfortable intervals, cool in the summer sun, when doing anything, anywhere.

10 things men do not care

"He is like my lip color? He did not think I was fat?". The fact that women are often obsessed about things that do not really matter to him.