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Why tail lizards change color?

The tail of the lizard tail striking pale blue will improve with time. It is the result of a change in behavior in the offspring foraging than adults.

The imaging technique is not Ig Nobel Prize glance

Works calculated to capture some shots to make sure no one in the crowd was blindly gave two Australian expert mathematics Ig Nobel prize this year.

10 small changes make a cool house

Just spend less time wiping windows, rearrange the closet, you will bring a fresh feeling to the house.

Why do onions watery Status?

When you put a knife to cut through the slices of onion, it will tear across the cells, causing the release of the substance inside. These chemicals will react with one another to create an air offensive to the eye.

Employees are often more creative sensibilities

The boss Please note: most creative employees who are prone to complex emotions. Ambivalent, the state always has two intertwined emotional opposition can promote creativity in employees compared to those who only have negative feelings or positive.

Length 'penis' and measure satisfaction of women

"The problem is not the size of the ship, but due to the motion of the ocean", ie the size "small boy" of men is not as important partner satisfaction.

The average life cells ... 10 years old

If the average age of all the cells in the body, you will not be too old ... 10 years old. The cells are regenerated in turn, helps your body in a state of constant innovation.

Hypnosis - from witchcraft to science therapy

Psychoanalyst Freud (Germany) Freud used hypnosis to inhibit sexual liberation of hysteria patients. But then he abandoned the therapy because easily lead to sexual relations between doctors and patients - a taboo.

Premature Ejaculation Cure how

I am 27 years old, are suffering from premature ejaculation, but do not know how to fix. I want to take medication without knowing what to buy drugs?

Why the spicy fresh garlic?

The chefs are always clearly tell the difference between fresh garlic and garlic to cook. If you ever chew a raw garlic, you'll know how it pungent concentration. When cooked, it's sweeter than.

Can travel through time?

People want to fly to the future and back to the past? The answer is that the physical principles are not prohibited, but the technical barriers can not be overcome in the universe in which we live.

There should maintain harmony love just because 'sex'

You and he are together because the two sides matchmaking family. He just finished Grade 12 and then in the army. I met him several times before he speaks like you.

Money can buy love

Contrary to popular belief, money can buy happiness for you, studies of people who win the jackpot in the UK has shown that.

Yogurt space available in Japan

Yogurt made of bacteria tested on the universe was born in Japan, promises to deliver a superior flavor and enhance human immunity.

Keep the body from dehydration in summer

Eat watermelon, orange, peach, pineapple helps the body heat hot season. The fruit is also rich in vitamin C, which helps the body retain water.