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American won the Nobel Prize for Physics More

The study of light reinforces the Big Bang theory of the universe has brought the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2006 for two American scientists - John C. Mather and George F. Smoot.

Lips in a dream

In some cultures, women must wear a veil because it is thought that the mouth similar to a symbol related to the chat rooms. Thanks to his mouth, people can eat, drink, sing and kiss.

Women age faster than men

The older man as poise, while women add that age old age. A new study has proved true skin aging women faster than men.

5 things men desire to be heard

Men desire to be appreciated, to be confident and caring. Make him happy and come closer to you.

Why do we laugh?

Laughter is a special form of perception, an Australian researcher said so when trying to figure out the pattern behind the humor.

Cell study Chemistry Nobel Prize

Nearly half a century after his father won the Nobel Prize, Professor of American Roger D. Kornberg won the Nobel Prize and this year's chemistry through research on cells take information from genes of how to make a protein.

The tables disappear when not in use

Despite the very tight, you can still arrange a decent place to work with neat style folding table.

Password personality

Hidden below the 16 sample code, each code represents a character. You see, brooding and pick yourself a code that you like best. Answers will be key to the door of your personality.

Why silver hair back?

Every adult has about 100,000 hairs. Each hair shaft attached to your scalp with a capsule containing roots surrounded by pigment cells to form hair black, yellow, red or brown.

10-year-old was addicted to masturbation

I was 10 years old my house was masturbating. To 13 years of age, as well as grandchildren someday, now she knows the harm. I'm rule but sometimes relapse.

Past predictions about the date of birth

Knowing in advance about their child's future is a great feeling. You imagine how your baby and ready to become a great friend of children yet. Please find interesting and useful things on your birthday.

5 foods should never give in microwave

Microwave is favored by saving time defrost or heat. However there are 5 foods you should never use this device:

Premonition - amazing capabilities of humans

There are those who escaped death because your gut is telling. There are scientific discoveries thanks to the intuition. Stories of inspiration is still a mystery. Even the scientists have not confirmed whether or not the sixth sense of man.

Jurassic monster revealed

Scientists have discovered fossils of a giant monster hybrid reptilian-shaped fish in a Jurassic graveyard dating back 150 million years, the island off the coast of Norway.

Dark yellow pee baby

11.3 My child weighs 14 kg, 85 cm high. Recently rotten kid or stools, dark yellow urine. I cry, anorexia, floating red spots on the thighs and buttocks.