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How to improve the height at 17

I was female, 17 years old this year, but only 1.47 meters high. I'm very concerned with his height.

You do like cartoon characters?

Cartoon character you love also contributed to reveal your personality. Try it true offline.

Successfully made a basket boat did not sink

PGS Quach Dinh Lien, Institute of Design, manufacture boats (Nha Trang University) said the hospital has successfully made a basket boat did not sink in composite materials. Compared to the traditional type, lighter composite basket boat, durability 20 years and the annual maintenance free.

The beauty of a window frame

The glass colors bring beautiful reflection or self-sew curtains much more sense to buy toys available.

Unexpectedly truth about men

Weak women, men thought not. Women to the trivia, men thought they ever. Women worry when the body degradation, loss of attractiveness and abandoned, who knows men too.

Women are excited as men

A new study upset when the old notion that women also proved popular quickly, much less inspired love man.

Guilt for 'penis' too short

For years I was always confident about myself. People compliment me frankly, responsible, cheerful. But the fact that I always guilt about the size of "small boy".

Men also shopaholics

Photos women pay in the stalls, supermarkets are filled on screen and in magazines. But in reality, many men also shopping disorder bulimia as women.

2 American scientists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello won the prestigious award by detecting biological effects of turning off certain genes of some.

The best time to do 'sex'

Do not be afraid to "ask" if you suddenly in the mood at night or right before going to work.

The future of electronic fabrics

The first products made from fabrics including pillows electronic luminescence can read the message; Lining the back of the couch pillows can change the color; backpacks distribute leaflets have been programmed with a mobile phone and can play MP3 music when connected to a machine.

Easy depressed mother when I was 4 years old

Not the first year after birth, the new mother most prone to depression, which is 4 years after birth, the percentage of women with depression is even higher.

She called louder ... fire alarm

Many children can sleep around are even whistle loud fire alarm, but we will wake up when the mother called her mother and obey immediately. This interesting finding is published in the journal "Pediatrics"

The more familiar the more beautiful eyes

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." Now a new study confirms the beauty depends on your brain can easily recognize faces or not.

5 effectively treat ear infections

Ear infections are a common cause of ear pain. This condition usually occurs in children, especially infants.