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Eu: 'Actors refuse to know their role does not suit'

Starring veteran of Vietnam cinema that every character in a work to find a suitable actor, otherwise you will ruin the film.

America's 'King Kong' has many advantages to win the female Oscar

Brie Larson is a leading candidate for the title "best actress" this year for her role as a young mother with her son locked in a room for 7 years in the independent film "Room".

The Chinese movie star beads made fans cry smile

Dumplings made from computer effects, scenes filmed with blood splash goji seeds ... the fault was detected in the audience fever recent films.

Union film 'King Kong' leave Quang Binh to Ninh Binh

Ends 4-day shoot at two locations, dozens of vehicle logistics, equipment and crew of "Kong: Skull Island" moves to the next stop today is in Ninh Binh.

Changjiang scared when Angela Phuong Trinh car seat driver

Many times inside the car stopped, the actor pale for fear, while his co-star in and sit still to eat calmly.

Leo DiCaprio featured in the Oscar male candidates

Chance of winning was never close to that with 42-year-old actor, however, the "opponents" of him as Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne still able to surprise.

Morena Baccarin - Girls 'florist' wise sage of 'Deadpool'

Brazilian beauties take on the role of a hot lover Deadpool character by actor Ryan Reynolds plays the latest work produced by Marvel.

'King Kong' cast rowing Ninh Binh made public

In addition to selecting more than 40 extras Vietnam, Hollywood blockbuster spending also Roadworks, dress up and compensation for damage in more than two weeks filming in Ninh Binh.

'Danish Girl' and 'Rocky' won the Oscar chances roles

Beauty Alicia Vikander and veteran star Sylvester Stallone is the brightest names in two categories for male and female supporting actor Oscar this year.

Matt Damon - 'good boy' epitome of Hollywood

Amateur film "The Martian" is one of the rare star film capital of the world with many glorious career and private life do not scandal.

The cast of 'Baby Hanoi "after more than 40 years

Lan Huong Ngoc Ha as her grandmother was promoted in 50s, People's Artist Tra Giang stopped filming for nearly 20 years ago dedicated to painting.

Leo DiCaprio's films win big is projected at Oscar 2016

Experts said that "The Revenant" easy win "Best Picture" this year because of this work safely in the absence of any real name featured in the 8 candidates.

Beauties 'King Kong' winners 'independent spirit' 2016

Actress Brie Larson was honored for his role as mothers raped and locked up with her son, 7 years in the independent film "Room".

'50 Shades' award 'Razzie'

17+ films adapted from novels was awarded erotic "worst work" while the pair main prize "for worst screen duo" at the 36th Golden Raspberry.

US Ambassador visits the studio puddle 'King Kong' in Ninh Binh

Ted Osius a day more excited to learn in detail the process of delegation of 150 million blockbuster work.